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Customer Experience is..

  1. The Customer Experience Journey is series of event that leads from the first contact to the final delivery/usage of the product/service.
  2. Each event contains a number of touch points,both digital & physical,that together makes a unique impact.These touch points create an experience,valuable and useful to us and our customers.
  3. The Objectives of Customer Experience is to simplify the customers journey.through all touch points, in order to maximize the value provided to Customers.

We believe in

  1. Customer Experience is a mission for the 21st Century Market Leaders.
  2. At the core of every Process is CUSTOMER CENTRICITY.
  3. Processes are the DNA of the Organisation.
  4. Customer Journey Mapping is an insightful journey for every PROCESS.
  5. The total output of every processes is the overall CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.

We are

Academy Of Customer Experience(ACE) is an Asian partner of BP Group. Over the past years, BP Group and their renowned partners have catered Customer Experience thought process, to more than 30 thousand individuals, in more than 100 countries, with over 3000 organizations across the globe.

ACE offers an elucidation of Enterprise Business Process Management and Advanced Business Process Management, which is much more than mere collection of tools and techniques.

It is a hands-on, practical set of resources and tools, which enlightens and leads to an understanding about customers.

We believe in “The power of putting the customers at the centre of your business.” We not only aim in understanding the customer psychology but promote the approach to reach maximum conversions.

Key benefits of customer centric approach to you are

  1. Delight your Customers and make them your brand ambassadors & biggest advocates.
  2. Develop a structured approach accessible by everyone in the organisation.
  3. Create a sustainable operational and strategic method suitable for both disruptive and steady state improvements.
  4. Puts you in the front seat by Enabling you to Innovate.
  5. Empowers you to be the trend setter.
  6. Dominate your industry by becoming a market leader.
  7. Win the triple crown benefits.
  8. Reduce Costs Significantly.
  9. Improves Revenues.
  10. Enhance service Immediately.


PLAYSHOP: Design-Led Innovation with Your Hands

  • The growing need to stay relevant and thrive in the rapidly evolving consumer-led business landscape is forcing companies to act like start-ups. Companies are increasingly looking to leverage new technologies to transform their consumer experience, marketing, sales & operations, and new business models. Per McKinsey’s recent research, design-led firms have grown by more than 200% in the past decade. Design is now a transformational force that helps organisations build innovative products, services and experiences that connect and resonate with customers.
  • Objective and Benefits – A ‘PlayShop’ is a unique workshop that uses LEGO Serious PlayTM (LSP) to lead innovation with your hands. The objective is to demonstrate the value of a hands-on, collaborative, iterative problem solving process that is increasingly being used by brands and businesses across industries. As a part of the [Play. Think. Transform] process, participants will also learn to creatively apply emerging trends and technologies in order to lead radical customer-focused innovation. Best-in-class case studies and examples across industries will also be discussed.
  • What does a PlayShop look like – Dynamic, collaborative and highly engaging! Participants will form teams with their cross-functional peers to solve real-world problems and untap hidden innovation opportunities. Participants will specifically learn to build LEGO models & use proprietary canvases to communicate their ideas. This experiential approach produces a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the customer and facilitates purpose-driven innovation in a playful format.


Our Consultation Approach

  1. How to put oneself in the customer's shoes and do business with the organisation,from outside the organisation?This is a powerful tool to help understand the difference between the Customer's perception vs that of the organisations'.
  2. What are the customer's needs? and how to segregate them from various channels?
  3. The essence of understanding the customer's experience in three different layers.Aka Functional Experience,Emotional Experience & Social Experience while the customer is interacting with the organisation's services and processes
  4. Define the customer journey map(i.e. the various customer's touch points in the system)
  5. Understand,Define and link the customer's Successful customer outcome to that of the Organisation's objectives.
  6. Identify the various internal handshakes that happen within an organisation via processes,systems,softwares & contracts,across the organisation and the vendors/partners/suppliers level,inclusive of both the implicit as well as explicit levels.
  7. Question and realize the significance of the various decision making points in the process(i.e. strategic,operational and regulatory decision making points) and have better clarity to differentiate between significance of them from a customer experience perspective.
  8. Understand & visualize the impact of the process's failure on a two-by-two matrix,with the customer's risk and the company's risk mapped in a single canvas.
  9. Further building clarity on the key difference on where risk can/should be eliminated?and where Risk needs to be managed/mitigated to facilitate a holistic customer experience?
  10. Further this approach facilitates in the linkage of objectives/strategies at the organisation level,the sub team level and link them across all levels leading to an individual employee's roles & responsibilities towards customer experience management.
  11. Processes are the DNA for every organisation
  12. Customer Experience is the Process
  13. Setting the culture laying emphasis on importance of focusing on the "Organisation of processes" as against the common tendency to look at "Processes in the Organization".
  14. How the software systems play an important role in knitting the fabric of Customer Experience & the Technological capabilities of the Organisation?
  15. These thought process facilitate the software & Technology team in having a Smart and next practice workflow automation,making technology an invisible and integral part of the system.


For Corporates
  • Consultation
  • Advisory & Audit Services.
  • Governance & Strategy.
  • Frameworks & Roadmaps.
  • Training & Handholding.
  • BPM/CEM CoE Roadmap.
  • Customer journey mapping.
  • Blue Ocean Strategy.
  • Value Proposition Model.
For Individuals
  • Professional Qualifications
  • Mentoring Services.
  • Coaching.
  • Guidance.
  • Blue Ocean Strategy.
  • Value Proposition Model.
For Start-ups
  • Thought Leadership
  • Business Value & Recognition.
  • Customer Centricity approach.
  • Mentoring on Lean Canvas.
  • Business Model Canvas.
  • Customer journey mapping.
  • Blue Ocean Strategy.
  • Value Proposition Model.
For NGO's
  • Advisory Services.
  • Outside In.
  • Thought process.
  • Orientation in Customer Experience.
  • Customer journey mapping.


Our Clients engage us for:

  1. Profiling their customer segments & creating Customer Journey Maps.
  2. Making their Customer an integral part of the Organization Structure.
  3. Defining & achieving the Successful Customer Outcome for them.
  4. Mapping the Customer Journey along with their process maps, thus creating a next generation process architecture in their Organization.
  5. Creating WOW moments & making their customers their Brand Ambassadors.
  6. End-to-end consulting and walking with them in their journey of business transformation initiatives on CEM, CXM, and BPM projects.
  7. Coaching & mentoring to mid-level & senior management on the making CEMMethod Framework.

Our Clients recommend us for:

  1. For making them look through their Processes like never before.
  2. Together we make their Organization ‘Customer Centric’ whereby increasing Revenue and reducing costs.
  3. Creating next generation Business Processes.
  4. Providing tailor made training & workshops on Customer Journey Mapping, Customer Centricity, Functional Business Architecture and Customer Experience Management.

Our Clients are:

DB Schenker, TNT Express, UASC, Robert Bosch, Malaysian National Reserve Bank (MNRB), Takaful Ikhlas, HP, AgilePoint, Ajman Services (Emirate of Ajman), Nokia (NSN), Veolia Services, Compassion.com, Morpho, Reliance, Sungard, Infosys, Mahindra Satyam, Capgemini,Cognizant, Piraeus Bank(Egypt).



With a Clear vision on Customer Experience, we work on a well-defined Customer Centric model:

The core execution includes:

  1. Uncover Process improvement opportunities in just hours.
  2. Identify actions that will reduce process inefficiency by 30% to 60% within 90 days of deployment.
  3. Develop performance metrics for end-to-end processes.
  4. Link process to enterprise business goals.
  5. Develop the appropriate skill set, team structures and roles.
  6. Grow the internal competence and implementing a robust development and process maturity system.
  7. Be at ease in understanding how the new generation technology can be weaved into the strategy and leverage them operations.






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